Microcurrent Facial Treatments


1 Session – $125
Series of 5 – $475
Series of 10 – $750

caci_facial-380x270_MicrocurrentAmong these treatments, microcurrent facials aim to plump and firm skin like Botox and fillers, but without the invasive, needle probing procedures.

Microcurrent facials are administered via damp sponges, wands or probes that send tiny positive and negative electrical currents through the skin. This process stimulates the tissue in the face and neck, shortening and toning the muscle fiber to increase firmness and definition.

In addition to toning the skin, microcurrent facials encourage collagen and elastin production, which helps counteract natural aging processes by plumping skin and increasing elasticity. They also help tighten sagging skin and jowls, improve circulation, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and even out skin tone.

Microcurrent treatments cater to adults 20 years or older. For noticeable results, a frequency of sessions is required.

Pregnant women should NOT receive microcurrent facials, nor should people with cancer, pacemakers, thrombosis, epilepsy or phlebitis.